A New Approach to Writing About Tea

If you are at all connected to the fabulous worldwide network of tea people online you already know about the crowdfunding initiative for Tea Journey Magazine. As of today, the ambitious funding goal has been met, link with more than 500 people from all over the world contributing to the Kickstarter campaign. The publication is now assured of its launch and the funding campaign is in the final couple of days, but if you have not already pledged to the project, or if you are just now hearing about it, you can still add your support at whatever level feels comfortable to you and become a charter subscriber.

Tea Journey represents a new approach to writing about tea, with focus on the value of information at origin and displaying a truly international approach to tea and tea culture. It is exciting to see this caliber of writing, photography, and video becoming available through the labors of a very dedicated team of tea people under the experienced and passionate leadership of Dan Bolton. From the Tea Journey website:

“Tea Journey believes that the most authoritative content originates in the tea lands. That is why the magazine recruited top journalists, tea experts, translators and publishers in the tea lands to contribute a third of the publication’s content. Tea Journey identifies the best articles found in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese publications. The staff then retells these stories in nuanced English.”

Explore the content that is already available on the website, and expect ongoing delivery of rich content from this new publication. An example of the kind of material we can expect:

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