An Infusion of Humans

Call me a traditionalist, nurse but I generally prefer steeping my tea rather than steeping myself in my tea. Not everyone feels this way, view as evidenced by the popularity of the green tea room at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun hot springs spa resort and water amusement park located in the Hakone region of Japan.

A unique spa containing real green [tea]. The huge tea pot is 2m tall and is very remarkable. The tea is from the foot of the Tanzawa and Hakone mountains, known for a suitable climate for growing tea plants. The green tea grown in this area is rich in aroma and contains Catechin, a powerful anti-oxidant fighting tumors as well as enhancing the immune system. Also, good for the skin.

I can not speak to the health claims attributed to immersion in green tea, although I imagine that it might smell pretty great. For 3,500 yen (approximately $37.00 US) a visitor can spend all day at the Yunessun zone of the spa, which also includes a variety of other high-concept liquid adventures. One of these, the wine spa looks pretty much like what you would imagine – a giant bowl of blood with people dropped in for flavor and texture. I appreciate the imagination behind the concept and all of the varieties of experience that the place offers. It must be quite a lot of fun to design these whimsical beverage-based spas.


  1. Coming soon…

    Swedish (Vodka) Massage
    Yoo-Hoo Solarium
    Mr. Pibb’s Bubblin’ Fun Resort

  2. Not that its beverage related, but there’s a massage place in Israel that applies live snakes to its clients.

  3. “An Infusion of Humans” sounds like a horror movie about tea leaves coming back for revenge against the people who boiled them alive.

  4. I think the film would have to be about the revenge of the tea leaves against people who steeped them at an improper temperatures or for improper amounts of time, rendering them bitter and out for vengeance from beyond the compost heap. I would totally watch that film.

  5. Ah the tea soak. I spent some time in Japan, and also remember some of the hot springs resorts having cold spas where they ran a mild electric current through the water. These spas are certainly creative