Canton Tea Co. Christmas specials

It’s probably not time yet to start running about in a panic wondering what to buy all of the people that you have to buy stuff for this holiday season, but you should plan ahead if you want to take advantage of the Christmas Range on special now at Canton Tea Co., particularly if you are in the United States. And really, you might as well make it easy on yourself and just buy everyone you know good tea. It will benefit you to supply family members or friends with good tea for their cabinets for when you visit, or you might just be able to show someone what a wondrously great thing excellent tea is in the first place. Plus I presume there must be those among you who have people to give gifts to who are already well-informed, devoted tea lovers. They will most certainly appreciate gifts from this selection.

Here are a details on a few of the special packages. You can receive 10% off of your order by using the promotional code GFG, and any orders placed before the 30th of November will include a free hand made bamboo strainer.

A few selections from the Canton Christmas 2010 Range:

Two Tea Pack $15.89
Box Green Tea (Pouchong 50g)
Box Oolong Tea (Tie Guan Yin 50g)
Save £2 by choosing a pack containing two of our most popular teas, presented in two Canton gift cartons packed in a white card box – and ready to pop under the tree.

Gold Award Tea Pack $23.84
Eight Great Taste Award-winning teas (in 10g taster packs)
Eight outstanding teas in one pack giving you the opportunity to taste the very best teas right across the spectrum – from jasmine and white to black and puerh. Packed in two Canton gift cartons.

New to Tea $31.78
Straight Glass Teapot
Five 10g taster packs
The easy way to kick off a love of fine, whole leaf tea. Five of our most popular teas including a jasmine, white, green, oolong and black tea with an easy-to-use 400ml glass teapot and a Canton Tea leaflet on how to brew the best tea.

Monthly Tea Box from $95.35 for 6 months
A 260g box of 16 handmade tea infused chocolates
Five 10g tea taster packs in a Canton gift carton
Like a veg box, sign up for you or a friend to have seasonal teas delivered every month straight to the door. Free P&P. If you don’t love it after your first delivery we will refund your money. We will send out a gift certificate if you’re buying it as a present.

Visit Canton Tea Company to place your order and view the rest of the specials.

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