Experiments with caffeine.

Things seem to be calming down, and my body is starting to tolerate caffeine just a little more. I’m being advised to hold out for a few more weeks just to be sure, but in the meantime, it doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying myself!

I’ve been able to drink several dark teas following a suggestion by Jamie and Cat in my last post, and infusing tea for 30 seconds, discarding the brew (or giving it to whoever’s nearby), and then brewing again. I tried this with Green Tea with Orange Spice by Republic of Tea, a couple different oolongs from the Teacup, and my favorite triumph: Pu’erh Special from the Teacup.

Each time, I was impressed. The flavor wasn’t too surprising since I’ve been playing with multiple brews for a while now, but NOT getting that jittery, hyped up feeling afterwards was rather remarkable. I’m sure it doesn’t decaffeinate completely, but the estimate of 80-90% loss feels fairly accurate, and I was able to have tea as a companion again.

I try to have tea gatherings in the early afternoon because of the caffeine content, but perhaps this would be a good method when I have the opportunity to host gongfu events in the evening. Yes, I like this plan…

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