Having trouble filling your cabinets?

utiliteaYou have a little more than a day left to enter Steepster’s Ultimate Holiday Tea Gift Contest, which will end at 8:00pm EST Friday, December 18th, 2009. The combined prize package is quite a large quantity of desirable stuff, ranging from modern, shiny tea accessories to a traditional matcha kit, and including quite a wide array of high quality teas to go with them. The winner will be pretty well set for having good tea on the road and at home or at the office.

travelmugThe contest is easy to enter. You just need to either use Twitter to follow Steepster (if you’re not already) and tweet the text from the contest with your preferred tea type filled in, or, if you’re a Steepster member (or want to become one) you can reply to the contest discussion.

sorapotFor a little more information on the most innovative and unusual of the items in the prize package, the video below is its designer Joey Roth demonstrating how the Sorapot works. I also recommend watching the video that appears on the page with details about the contest of Joey Roth and Kevin Rose discussing the development of the Sorapot and brewing a pot of tea with it.

Sorapot instructions from Joey Roth on Vimeo.

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