More ways to talk about tea.

We’ve been expanding our online visibility in various ways that you are invited to participate in:

You can follow me on Twitter. My tweets sometimes read as strange, overly-verbose haiku because I set a rule that every one of them, including replies to other people, had to be exactly 140 characters, the Twitter limit. This allows for me to use Twitter without an aneurism and provides me with a perpetual language puzzle. It’s particularly challenging when I post photographs from my phone and can’t get an accurate character count automatically until I exceed 140 including the TwitPic URL, but I like those sorts of challenges.

You can friend me on FaceBook. Admittedly, I used an obviously fake name. For the most part I have to keep my tea-related persona somewhat separate from the other online manifestations of myself. This is entirely practical, to keep the content in the places that people are interested in it, and to help me keep track of what’s what.

You can also become a fan of GongfuGirl on our FaceBook Page. This is the first time I have promoted it anywhere, so please give it a visit.

There is a certain amount of cross-delivery of written content between these sources, but I minimize it. My Twitter account feeds to my FaceBook account, for example, but there are different photographs in each place and they function differently. The photographs I post to Twitter or FaceBook will never be photographs that have been used in any GongfuGirl posts and will never be posted in multiple places. This is kind of nice because it gives me a logical place to make more of the millions of tea-related photographs that I take available to view.

I believe in the value of reciprocity, so I’ll usually add people back. Given an opportunity to expand the possibilities of social networking even further, I’d invite each and every one of you over for some tea, so if you’re ever in Seattle…


  1. ill take u up on that offer if im ever in seattle