My first Yixing!

We had our household holiday celebration last night, since my husband and I are heading over the mountains this weekend to spend time with my parents. One of my presents was a beautiful, red (zhuni) yixing teapot! It’s my very first clay pot, and I’m having fun deciding which tea I’m going to dedicate to it.

The photo doesn’t do it justice at all, of course, but it’s the best I could do under a lamp while it was still dark, this morning:


I also have this intense desire to name it. Maybe one of you can help me think of something good!


  1. Gonfu Girl:

    Wow, that’s a beautiful pot. I too have been wanting to start building a collection of these amazing clay pots. In fact, my daughter and I were at a local teashop in Bremerton (SpecialTea Pots), that specializes in the Yixing pots. The owner, Jill, was very helpful in educating us about their special qualities, and she had some very nice ones. The one you’ve pictured in this post is unique from anything we saw yesterday, which is part of the charm and wonder of these pots. May I ask where your husband purchased yours?

    Anyway, been enjoying your posts – it sounds like we’re in similar places in our tea awakening. I can’t wait to come up with the funds to purchase my first Yixing, as well.

  2. Hi! One of our housemates found that pot at The Teacup on Queen Anne Ave in Seattle. The manager, Brett, serves gongfu style tea every Saturday afternoon, and he keeps the shelves stocked with all kinds of wonderful toys!

    I have had good luck finding a lot of affordable yixing items on ebay, too.