New storage for pu’er

Last weekend I had the great fortune to find and acquire this perfect and beautiful ceramic pu’er storage vessel. Of course I have no idea whether the talented clay artist who made this piece intended for it to be used to store tea, but it is undeniable that he or she modeled it after traditional Chinese storage vessels.

The thing has a number of excellent qualities, including very thick walls and solid construction. It does have a minor chip on the edge of the lip, but it is not prominently visible, especially when the lid is on, and the vessel should not seal since it’s being used for pu’er anyway, so that’s not an issue.

After I bought it and brought it home I scrubbed it out thoroughly and then aired it out in the fortuitous brief period of sun that we had last weekend. It did not have any odors clinging to the inside part of the clay anyway, which was good. I don’t think that it had ever been used for storing anything with a strong, lingering scent.

I broke up one of the Xiaguan shu pu’er cakes into fairly large chunks and now they are occupying this very nice container. The remarkable thing about this excellent storage container is that I found it in a thrift store and paid less than $10 for it!


  1. The storage jar looks antique and really good for storing tea.

  2. This is a really fun way to store your tea plus decorate your kitchen shelf. Multifunctional I like it.

  3. That jar is a beauty. What a great find, congratulations!

  4. The jar looks very rustic and classy. I love it! Along with your dragon teapot, this is one of your pieces I really admire

  5. The storage of Pu’er tea is very important; the longer it preserves, the better. As far as I know, the high-quality Pu’er means higher price, so good storage actually saves money. And less than 10 bucks is absolutely a bargain.