New Teas from Canton Tea Co.

Don’t these teas look delicious? This is Canton Tea Company’s newly arrived Spring Collection. From the press release:

Our first crop of four spring teas has arrived and they are every bit as good as we hoped. Fresh of course, naturally sweet and distinctive, each one goes beyond our expectations.

Mao Jian is made up of soft, curly, tippy leaves, a higher grade and even better than last year. A refreshing, light easy-drinking green.

Xue Ya or Snow Buds are bright, sappy and seriously moreish. Once steeped, unfurl the perfect tips and nibble the soft green buds.

Bai Lin Gong Fu made from the same long curly buds as the Wild White but fully oxidised into this caramel smooth black tea.

Ye Sheng or Wild White is a tea to remember with an unusual provenance – so read on.

New to Canton Tea co for 2011, we are the only people in the UK (or probably anywhere outside China) to have this Wild White. It is a glorious, limited edition tea with a great story.

The tea bushes were found growing wild on an ex-government tea farm in Fujian that had been abandoned many years ago. Our producer recognised the potential in the farm, the naturally healthy tea bushes, the excellent terroir and particularly the yellowy, rocky soil – perfect for giving the tea a delicious mineral note. He bought up the estate and produced this great tea from the first, small harvest of all the tea bushes that had been left wild and untouched, allowed to return to their natural state.

Of course the output is not huge, so this is a rare Wild White tea with a beautiful mix of long silvery buds and young leaves. It is an ideal all-day, summer tea, very soft on the palate with a creamy depth and a satisfying full-bodied, warm fruity note, lifted by the mildest hint of flint (from that excellent ground).

Canton Tea is offering readers a special discount of 50% off of the sampler of the spring collection, which contains all four of the teas. Use code SPRING2011 at checkout.

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  1. Well, right now I’m using Adagio, and they are working quite well for me.

    However, this company looks respectable. I will place a sample order and see what comes of it!

    Thanks for the referral, Cinnabar