New Uses for Teaware

I was fiddling around in the kitchen last night, trying to pack a lunch for today, and I was lamenting the lack of any tiny tupperware that would let me take a bit of chevre in my bento this week.

bentocup.jpgI glanced up to the shelf above me and saw my white gongfu cups sitting there, eager to be used, so I used them! A tablespoon of soft, herbed goat cheese fits perfectly into the cup, and a small piece of plastic wrap was all I needed to secure it and place it right into the bento box.

I prepared enough little packages to throw in my lunches all week. I’ve got a lot more sipping cups than I do aroma cups, so it’s great to be able to put some of them to good use.

Also included in the bento, for those interested: cashews, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, baby zucchini, salted rosemary bread, a packet of miso, some jelly fruits, and a pear. Good, whole foods, no spending money in the cafeteria. Great with tea.

And my lunchtime tea: Supreme Ginseng Oolong from Vital T Leaf, brought to me from San Francisco. (Seattle actually has the honor of hosting the second Vital T location – on the corner of 1st and Union in Pike Place Market.) I’m eager to try it.

So, ‘fess up… Do you use any of your teaware in a non-traditional way?

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