Numi Flowering Tea: Flower Jewel

Most would be surprised to hear that a warm summer rain in Seattle is a rare thing, but summers are often mild and dry here. I am a huge fan of enjoying a little precipitation while wearing shorts, sandals and a tank top. Since I am stuck in the office, left to watch the rain from my 9th story window, the mood is set for another hot pot of Numi flowering tea.

Flower Jewel’s tender hand picked white tea is crowned by a delicate and bright pink amaranth flower. The dancing petals blissfully open as sweet jasmine scents this captivating elixir. Flower Jewel tantalizes the palate with its vibrant freshness and clarity.

I chose “Flower Jewel” from my assorted box, and once my pot had been rinsed, I added the capsule and more hot water. As soon as it was submerged, I was greeted by a strong jasmine aroma. I left it in for only 3 minutes, as jasmine is much more apt to turn bitter if neglected.

The color of the brew is barely there, and the flavor is a very light, as well. The jasmine is not overpowering, and there’s a savory counterpoint to the flower. About mid-cup, as it cooled down a bit, I started to notice a fuller flavor, and it’s very enjoyable.

It’s fun to witness the “agony of the leaves,” or the unfurling of leaves when they’re steeped, in such a creative and entertaining way. A glass pot will give you a better view.

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