On the Origin of Tea-Drinking Species

Among loose-leaf, tea-drinking humans in the office, you will observe 3 main species:

Homo Laborus glutto. Glutto chugs tea, and is identified by the enormous mug at its workstation. Just as salmon instinctively find their way upstream, you can will observe glutto’s well-worn path and bee-line movements toward the nearest toilet several times each day. If you are of the glutto variety, you are better served by a tea-maker. Zarafina has one, and Breville’s will soon be available in the US.


Homo Laborus ritus. Ritus uses tea as an oasis of calm, a form of comfort in the workaday jungle. Observing ritus in its natural habitat, you will see a creature of habit. The tea may change, but the process follows a form. Think of a bird’s nest- each bird constructs a little differently. Ritus may use a single serving pot to avoid over-steeping tea. Other ritus fill their own muslin or filter bags. Ritus, however, may be labeled as time-wasters by gluttoes.


Homo Laborus sippus. The Sipper adapts the behavior of glutto or ritus, modifying the practices of either. Whether quenching thirst, seeking a break, or using tea as a social lubricant, sippus will use a variety of tools, including a brew mug. Although not producing the quality of tea ritus is known for, sippus can still pause and savor tea more than gluttus.

Guest post provided by Jason Walker of Walker Tea Review.  Jason’s site hosts online tea tastings and video tea reviews.


  1. Too funny, Jason, which are you?

  2. Cute social commentary – would be fun if this could be done in an online quiz format 🙂