Teaposy Tea For One Set

New year, new job, new tea, and new tea toys!

The holidays brought both tea leaves and tea ware to my doorstep. (Isn’t it great how easy we are to shop for?) First in line for show-and-tell is my Teaposy set, given to me by my sister. It comes with a glass pot with handle, a strainer that fits in the spout, and a matching glass cup and saucer.

I’ll confess that I was doubtful about this set when I first opened it; It’s very small, very delicate-looking, and its straining device looked absolutely useless. I was sure it would crack the minute I filled it with hot water, but I was quickly proven wrong in the best way.

First, the glass has been heat-resistant so far, and it allows me to see blooming teas at the office. Always a plus, since co-workers love to give the gift of blooming tea.

Second, I used loose tea with a lot of chopped mint leaves, and I was surprised to find that the filter was capable of straining almost all of the particles and kept them from dumping into my cup. You can hardly see it – just a tiny, stainless steel spiral that pulls open when you hook the end on the very edge of the spout.

And third, it’s a great size for my desk at work. I can fill the cup about three times with one pot of tea. Granted, it’s a rather small cup, but I’ve found that if I make a big pot it gets too cold by the time I’m halfway through, anyway.

On a very trivial note, it undeniably cute – and everyone comments on it when they walk by. This goes on my list of future gifts to tea-lovin’ friends, and earns high marks in the tea-for-the-office category.

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  1. I recently acquired a glass gongfu teapot and pitcher and have found that I really like using them for teas that are not appropriate for yixing pots, like green oolongs. I am amazed by the little steel spring strainer too – I don’t really even need the very fine external strainer between the pot and the pitcher. And the tea looks so lovely in the winter sun!

    Having more cute at the office sounds like a great side benefit of a glass pot like yours.