Teavana / Katy’s Corner Cafe

It’s really been a rollercoaster of a year so far. Seattle has been hit by several storm systems that have wreaked havoc with wind, rain, snow, and ice. I’ve never experienced this many Snow Days in one season!

Teavana brewerSo while waiting for a bus that never came, a friend and I decided to get out of the freezing cold and stop in at a cafe. Luckily, the proprietor is always there to open on days like this, and we sat down to chat and watch people try to navigate through the white mess outside. Katy’s Corner Cafe in the Central District serves Teavana brand, and they prepare it in an awesome brew cup that expells the water through the bottom when you press it down on the rim of your mug.

We both had oolong, but I just can’t say which one it was, as I was busy raving over this tea maker. We watched the whole leaves unfold beautifully through the clear walls of the device. I can tell you that it had a very fruity fragrance and taste – quite pear-like. And given the rest of the selection in the cafe and on the Teavana site, they’re very into fruity blends, and they do it fairly well. I don’t generally like fruity teas or tisanes that often, but this one certainly improved my opinion of it.

I’m happy to say that the tea maker is for sale on the Teavana Web site for $17.95.

Eventually the bus arrived, and I was whisked away from this little tea haven and off to work…

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