A look inside of Seattle’s two Japanese teahouses

Near the end of March I had the honor of attending the Urasenke-Foundation hosted Founder’s Day Tea Ceremony at Shoseian (“Arbor of the Murmuring Pines”), inside of the Seattle Japanese Garden. The following month I attended the lecture/demonstration of Chanoyu at Seattle Art Museum, again sponsored by the Urasenke Foundation.

Details on these two experiences can be found in the article I wrote for the May issue of Tea Muse.

The photograph above shows offerings of tea and sweets at the celebration honoring Sen no Rikyu, founder of the Urasenke School.


  1. Thanks Cinnabar,

    I look forward to reading your article on Tea Muse

  2. Great article!!! and lovely pics!!!! Tea

    • Thank you! Fortunately they didn’t mind me taking a couple of photos after the ceremony was finished. The garden itself is wonderful too.