Alice in the park

The following three weekends in the greater Seattle area hold opportunities to experience the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland-themed theater in a park setting. Read my article on for details about Theater Simple‘s “WONDERLAND: Alice Adventures”.

The image above is related only thematically to the upcoming theatrical performances in parks. It is a still from the first cinematic adaptation of Lewis Caroll’s fanciful tale, a 12-minute distillation called – like most film adaptations – Alice in Wonderland (unlike the book itself, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”).

The silent film, released in 1903 and directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow, captures the historical milieu of the original book in a way that more contemporary adaptations can not. There is only one known print of the film in existence, but fortunately we can watch the film online:

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  1. Alice in wonderland and tea certainly do seem to have a history.

    As for me, I’ll *pass* on whatever the Mad Hatter’s drinking.. 😛