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  1. Good afternoon,

    Let me start by introducing Quinta de Jugais, a Food company based in Serra da Estrela – Portugal, and the reason for this e-mail is to challenge and propose to you a partnership with our gourmet teas brand – IT by Jugais, that you can visita

    We are currently a website selling quality teas, teas for health, tea accessories, honey and several types of traditional jams, that wants to reach customers arrounf the world. The site has three languages options to connect to customers: ​​English, Portuguese and Spanish.

    The portal is online, from September 30’th, 2012 and now has about 20 000 visits, 3000 records, over 7000 fans and 2000 sales.

    We are about to launch the cooking section of the site in English, with tea récipes, exploring an affinity of tastes, textures and unique flavours, not only for the health benefits, but for the pleasure of gourmet experiences, absolutely delicious. Soft drinks, ice cream, cakes or sweets and main dishes, teas can enrich dishes with unique flavours and aromas.

    In this regard, we would like to invite you to explore with us this challenge and develop some recipes that may be published on your blog, but it will also be published on our website and also used on our Facebook page, of course always referencing the author. We will also have some tasting events throughout the year, and also some awards for which you would apply naturally.

    We have a small gift basket of teas that we would like to send you, if you find the idea interesting and would like to be our partner in this adventure.

    For more information, contact us at 238 609 892 or send an email to

    IT by Jugais has recently launched an affiliate program that allows our partners to earn money by recommending our products, simply dedicating a bit of thier blog to IT by Jugais.

    The operation is as follows: the affiliate has an id that iand visit our website your affiliate id is there. Whenever one of these visitors make a purchase in, 10% of his purchase is assigned to you, as your commission.

    What needs to be affiliated?
    Owning a website, blog, forum or similar.

    What is an affiliate ID?
    The id is the affiliate code that will be present in all links and scripts we will give you in order to identify which allow visitors to your blog who make purchases in IT by Jugais.

    What is an affiliate link?
    The affiliate link is a special URL that includes your affiliate ID. These links can be found in your area affiliate after created the account.

    How do you know that you will receive for each link?
    When a visitor using an affiliate link on your blog, and this being properly identified with your affiliate id, our system records this information so that when a purchase is effected, is attributed to 10% commission to the affiliate. Andy ou can see that in your affiliate account

    How to create affiliate account?
    Please go to the site and follow the instuctions at the bottom, clickinh on the affiliate loink, or just send us an email to referring intended to be our affiliate and IT team creates your free affiliate account.
    Later, you will be sent an email with all the information that gives you access to the control panel and a second email with your user name and password for access.

    How is it processed the payment of commissions?
    Commissions are paid to the 8th day of the month following that in which the purchases were billed.

    What forms of payment of commission?
    You can choose one of the three following ways to receive the value of your commission: bank transfer, check or paypal account.

    Thank you in advance for your attention, and looking forward for your answer

    kind regards,
    Tania Alves

    PS: we leave here also some information on the company Quinta de Jugais Lda, available at

    At the same time, please browse through our catalogs at

  2. I am hunting for a source of charcoal logs. First preference is pine, then bamboo. Your tea site showed the right image and your blog said it was local. Where might I find charcoal logs? Also, I suspect I am calling them the wrong name since I get so few hits.

  3. Hello,

    There is an error with your email form. Is there another way to contact you?

    Thank you

  4. Hello,gongfugirl! I’m writting to you to let you know about our new online tea weekly newsletter with a new issue every Tuesday. You may be interested, please subscribe. Thank you for you blog! Tanya

  5. LOVE your blog! Would you be interested in reviewing some of our tea collection in a posting?
    Let me know and I’ll get some of my favorites headed your way.
    Let me know if you want to taste anything specific.
    Sry if this goes through more than once. .the site keeps saying “time out”
    Thank you


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