Gongfu Portable

This is a wonderful and convenient travel set for gongfu cha. Using it requires some improvisation of some kind of a draining table/tray at the destination, but the set takes up very little room in a carry-on bag. (The gaiwan in front of the case in the photograph fits into the case inside of the pouring pitcher for travel.) In the past few days it flew on four different plane rides without a scratch.

Unfortunately, I was never able to find a good time with relatives to actually serve some of the jade oolong that had also accompanied me on the flights, so the set, as convenient as it is, sat sadly neglected the whole time. I really like being able to take the experience of gongfu cha to other people, especially when they are unfamiliar with it and do not know it’s coming. I need to be better about scheduling it into the socializing next time.


  1. Convenient size and packing for camping trips…

  2. Yes, they’d be great for camping.