Hello, world of tea!

Well, the site just started today, and I’m working on getting content up for you to enjoy. What a process this is going to be!

I don’t know half of what there is to know about tea, so this will be a place for me to share what I learn as time goes on. If you’d like to contribute somehow, or you have a suggestion of something for me to try, please email me:

girl (at) gongfugirl (dot) com


  1. Greetings Seattle Tea Lover,

    I am also a Seattle Tea Lover and Educator and the manager and tea buyer for Queen Anne Hill’s Teacup.

    I couldn’t find your name on the blog, so I’m not sure if we have met.
    But I am just writing to say: “Great Job!” and “Nice blog.”


  2. I don’t think we have met – I haven’t been over to Queen Anne for tea, but I’ve heard of more than one place that I need to visit! If I find you, I will introduce myself (real name is Colleen).

    Thank you for your comments – I’m happy to put a link to your store on the page!

  3. Hello! What a great site you have! From the look of it, I guess we started blogging about tea at almost the same time, in April 2006. Anyhow, I really enjoy reading and learning from your blog. Hope we can share tea experiences…

    I’ve linked your blog on my blogsite (hope you don’t mind) and yours will be my regular read from now. Keep up the great work!