High-tech, low-tech

That thing on the left is an ebony coaster/tray which gets placed underneath a tasting cup/aroma cup set during a Gongfu Cha session. The thing on the right is way too full of fingerprints!

I have, cheap on more than one occasion, diagnosis seen one of those coasters in my peripheral vision and thought it was my phone. I have not ever tried to answer or make a call with one, though. I have also never placed small cups of tea on my phone.


  1. This is absolutely delightful: a perfect symbol of the dichotomy so many of us experience these days, in so many ways. Rather amazing that our psyches manage to (unconsciously) rescue us just in time from, as you say, trying to answer the phone with a tea tray or placing a steaming cup of tea on our phone(s). So true!

  2. In interested mix of old and new. At first I thought the tray on the left was a new type of iphone!