Iced Earl Grey?

bulldog.jpgTook a nice little stroll with a friend on my lunch break today, through the University and the Avenue where we stopped at Bulldog News for a beverage. They were out of blackberry tea, so I opted for the Earl Grey on ice. I was surprised at how good it was! I don’t think I’d ever tried that before, and that’s a sad mistake. I’m sorry I don’t know what brand they used, but any of your favorites should be good. It didn’t have a big bite, but the flavor was robust enough to compliment the crisp, sunny day, and it didn’t even hint around at needing sugar or cream.

I’d like to try it with Republic of Tea’s Earl Greyer, and if I ever get the chance, I’m going to try it with Lady Grey – one of my hard-to-find favorites. The Grey family deserves a lot more attention around here, I think.

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