My favorite tea?

My tea world has been an embarrassment of riches for years. So presented with the task of writing under the topic “my favorite tea” as part of the Association of Tea Bloggers‘ lead-up to the “Bloggers’ Choice Awards” it was quite a challenge to sift through that immense history of deliciousness and try to extract just one particularly deserving tea. But I tried to think of one special tea that had both surprised and impressed me, and one immediately came to mind: the “Qiyuan Jin Jiang Da Hong Pao” that was sent to me by the people at Tea Valley.

One of the first things that hinted at the specialness of the tea was the small gold box that contained it. Packaging can be overly fancy or deceptive, but this looked simple and elegant. And the tea itself is absolutely fabulous. It was an award winner at the Wuyi Mountain People’s Choice Tea Competition in 2008, and although it is, of course, not leaf from the original TRUE Da Hong Pao bushes it certainly comes from bushes that have been very well cultivated and cared for. Rich and tangy, with a depth and complexity revealing its famous ancestry, it is a tea that I would bring out for a special occasion, and only if the other people who were going to drink with me were people I expected to appreciate the tea’s quality.

Unfortunately, Tea Valley’s website is offline right now, and I’m unable to find much detail about their company. They were located in Renton, Washington, just a few cities away from where I am. With teas this good, I want to see them continue to make them available!

The two runners-up for teas that I really, really like and recommend to other people quite often are Royal Golden Safari, one of the fine offerings by Royal Tea of Kenya, and Yulan Dancong, one of Canton Tea Company’s wonderful oolongs.

I want to know what YOUR favorite teas are. Let me know in the comments. More details on the “Bloggers’ Choice Awards” will be posted soon.

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  2. I was recently given a gift of Dong Ding Oolomg Tea by ” Jing tea” which I had never heard of. My husband is an avid oolong drinker and kept gushing about how lovely is was….especially the aromatics. I decided to sample some more from Jing. Really blown away by a tea they have which is a white tea called ” jasmine silver needle”. I also got their first flush Darjeeling which I am thoroughly enjoying. After seeing the website I’m impressed with what I see, so will be definitely be buying more from these people

  3. Though I have not tried that specific variety, Da Hong Pao has been at the top of my list for quite some time as my go-to favourite tea.

    What sets it apart from the others in your opinion?

  4. Hi,

    My favourite teas are the ayurvedic Calming, Refreshing and Stimulating teas. You can find them here:

    Hope you like them

  5. I also have my favorite tea. Its the ayahuasca tea, it really helps relieve the pain inside me and fades away my depression.

  6. I’ve tried the tea myself and loved it! Keep up the great reviews!

  7. Well I can’t stick to one type of tea because what I pick fully depends on my mood, the weather, if there’s a cat on the table and whatnot…

    It’s warm, or I want a good punch in the morning, or even want to get teadrunk before a good walk ? Green, I love a fine spring Biluochun (am bored with longjing)

    Do I want an astringent shot ? Sheng pu’erh (can’t afford old ones so sheng means quite rough for me) – I like traditional cakes like Menghai or Hawain because I like how they are consistent and reliable, really well thought for all kinds of features including aging. Pick : Haiwan 7548, the older one can afford (aged 5-6 years it’s still very young as a hint)

    Am I sitting in the evening near the fire listening to Miles Davis ? Shu pu’erh obviously. Again I like traditional affordable brands that make good stuff for the reasons mentioned above, plus I’m sure there’s no health risk like bad mold. Also shu for hangovers or when my stomach simply isn’t quite ok. Pick : Haiwan 7578 from 2007, dirt cheap (25-30$)

    For all the other times, I always come back to Da Hong Pao. Though I haven’t tried Da Cong yet which I’ll probably love too.

    Have been bored with Tie Guan Yin altho it’s been a hit for quite a long time, and has hitten strong many of my guests that only knew about lipton and twinnings before. A good way to make unfamiliar people enjoy good tea.