Numi Flowering Tea – Starlight Rose

Starlight RoseI was given a box of Numi Flowering Teas for my birthday this year by a thoughtful co-worker. They are comprised of full leaves that are handsewn together and dried into compact shapes. As it steeps, the tea blossoms open into a large flower in your pot.

Today’s Flowering Tea is Starlight Rose: The delicate silver needle white tea leaves are handsewn around a tender rosebud. The soft, lucent liquor and subtle aroma of roses yields a smooth, mellow flavor illuminated by the calming benefits of white tea.

It’s a very light-colored liquor, almost peachy. The aroma is very grassy, but warm. The flavor is also light, and the rose only comes out in the finish. While not my favorite, it’s still very interesting to sip.

White tea has so little caffeine that I’m putting it into both categories, but those utter non-caf drinkers may want to abstain.

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  1. I love these teas. I always get them out for tea parties. They have been increasing in popularity and range recently.