Numi: Water Sprite Ginger Oolong

Numi Water SpriteI grabbed a sampler package of Numi teas on recommendation, and I’m having fun with them so far. I came in to work with a tummy-ache this morning, so the Water Sprite tea won out, containing just two ingredients: Shui Hsein Oolong Tea and Chinese Ginger.

The scent of the tea before brewing was a very sharp ginger tang. I gave it a 7-minute infusion because I was really going for the soothing properties of ginger. I usually put both lemon and honey in my straight ginger tea to take out the “bite.” But the ginger hid itself away after infusion. The aroma blossomed with oolong, and there was no bite at all. The taste was smooth, with a medium astringency.

I actually found it a little bland, so I added agave nectar, and it really coaxed the ginger flavor back into the mix, and now I have a lovely cup of oolong with a sweet ginger overtone, and my tummy is calm.

Numi gets thumbs up for their social and environmental responsibility. You can see the details on the Responsible Tea page.

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