Photographs of wet things

These are the first of a handful of tea-related photographs that don’t fit with any written articles.



Wet with Puer

An Assemblage of Teaware

Tea and Wine Pairing


  1. I hope you received my twitter response on why I think my hotplate died. But its somewhat disconcerting reading reviews for a lot of different hotplates out there, as I was searching to replace mine.

    That being said My hotplate served me well through about an entire years worth of constant use, often running for several hours a day.

    • Yes – thanks for the Twitter reply also. I was surprised at the bad ratings I read for every other model I considered. The one you had, and I now have, is the only one (without making a huge jump up in price) that got respectable reviews. I like that it feels as solid as it does. I’ll probably use it this weekend and see how I like it.