Revolution – Honeybush Caramel

The weather has been inspiring, tea-wise. We’re coming into fall a little late here in the Pacific Northwest, and I’m finally in the mood for something warm and rich.

honeybushcaramel.jpgToday’s warm, rich tea is Honeybush Caramel from Revolution. It’s a very light blend of rooibos with a caramel note, though nothing tells me what the caramel note comes from, so I’m assuming it’s artificial. It’s got the natural sweetness of rooibos, but a tiny bit of sweetener (I prefer agave nectar) brings out the caramel quite a lot. It might be very good with a touch of cream if brewed strongly.

I find it rather mediocre as my morning-at-the-office tea, but this would be a fantastic, light after-dinner tea, or very appropriate for a late afternoon autumn or Hallowe’en gathering.

Side note: They are using the trendy new plastic mesh bags, but only the teabags for the organic varieties are biodegradeable.

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