Tea at Burning Man

We’ll be at Burning Man this year, and I’m on the lookout for tea!

If you wander by the camp of the Tribe of the Crescent Star, we’ll be brewing Turkish Coffee and Moroccan Mint tea for our guests.

And if you or someone you know will be serving tea on the playa this year, please tell me so I can come bring you a gift of one of my favorite local teas* and enjoy yours! I have seen photos of gongfu cha on the playa, so I know you’re out there! Email: girl (at) gongfugirl.com

*Part of the reason I’ve been so remiss in my posts is because the teas I’m enjoyed recently are from a local shop, and I don’t know who distributes them. So, those review would only be useful to Seattleites. I should post them anyway – maybe I will when we get back from the desert.

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