Tea industry help for Japan

It is not reasonable to post anything else about Japanese tea without first expressing the depth of sorrow over the devastation and aftermath that the country is experiencing right now. There is a little that can be said about the tragedy but to say that I hope that support can come from all of the places that can provide it, hospital and that the work of recovering and rebuilding can begin, ask as the Japanese people – and the rest of the world in solidarity – mourn the tremendous suffering and loss.

As I hoped and expected, the tea industry is responding to the crisis. Obubo Tea has set up product-linked donations which will directly help the Japanese tea drinkers and farmers affected by the disaster.

Funds raised thru this effort will go to the following in this order:

  • Obubu customers directly affected by the disaster
  • Tea farmers and tea businesses affected by the disaster
  • If the needs of the above have been met, we will donate the money to the Japanese Red Cross or other effort specifically related to the disaster
  • Please consider donating:

    To donate to general relief efforts and find out more direct information about conditions and what is being done to help, visit Operation Sakura.

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