Tea Memories


Katrina, here the founder and editor of Tea Pages, advice is assembling an anthology of writings about tea called Tea Memories. Published and unpublished writers are encouraged to submit pieces 800-1800 words in length between now and June 30th for possible inclusion. The theme of the anthology is direct personal experiences in which tea was a vital element. I expect the focus of the anthology to result in a more interesting collection of writings than a more generalized call for writings about tea itself would yield. I will be writing something for submission myself once I can narrow down what I want to write about among a myriad of possible topics. Given the number of active and talented writers among tea aficionados I expect the project to conclude with a marvelous final publication and an enjoyable read.

  • Have you “taken tea” in a unique place or under unusual circumstances?
  • Do you have a story about sharing tea with someone special in your life?
  • Have you made an important decision over a cup of tea?
  • The “Tea Memories” anthology will be comprised of original, non-fiction essays on these and other topics related to tea. Whether humorous or touching, serious or inspiring, your stories of events, experiences, and transformational moments are invited for submission.

    Our intent is to show that tea is far more than something that quenches your thirst. Tea provides comfort, a time for reflection, and a starting point for conversation. Tea plays a supporting role in the stories of our lives. “Tea Memories” aims to share the ways that tea has changed our lives, one cup at a time.

    Further details are available on Tea Memories: Living Life One Cup at a Time.


    1. Thanks for the head’s up on this: I am spreading the word!

    2. You know, I think I just may enter!