Tea Review: Formosa Alishan Oolong

Before any of the tea samples arrived, I spent some time on the auraTeas website and found it quite nicely laid out and easy to navigate. Searching for particular teas by type or by region is a pretty smooth process. There are a few errors in English throughout the site, but they’re not too distracting.

AuraTeas sent the tasting samples in great little aluminum tins that I really liked. But great packaging aside, the most important aspect of a tea review is the tea itself. I have already reviewed auraTeas’ interesting Formosa Aged Dongding Oolong in a previous post.

The Formosa Alishan Oolong was also quite nice prepared and served Gongfu style. I used a glass set so I could get the clearest idea of the character and taste of the tea. It was quite a pleasant medium oxidized oolong, not nearly as floral as some of the really green oolongs. It had a nice hay-like flavor, becoming more like alfalfa in the second and third infusions. By the third infusion the leaves were completely unfurled and the tea had a very bright note. This is a tea very well suited to the sunny and cold afternoons of fall.


  1. Interesting! I’ll have to try some.

  2. It’s quite a lovely oolong.

  3. Thank you Cinnabar, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the tea. I didn’t notice this post until now. I really need to find someone to proofread my English writing. I personally like this Alishan Oolong more than other hight mountain teas. It’s more retro and even has a hint of Dongding. Our Nostalgia Dongding is also my favorite, very similar to the tea in my childhood memory. I’ll share another batch of Alishan Oolong from a friend’s garden (not for sale) with you next time.

    • I’m going to put together one page where all our reviews are easily accessible and organized by company. That will probably be useful so you don’t have to rely on happening upon them!

      Regarding the Nostalgia Dongding, I think it’s really amazing how evocative smells can be, even after such a long time.