Tea Review: Green Tea Tropical

Green Tea Tropical

To be perfectly frank, I prepared and drank a cup of Green Tea Tropical out of obligation as it was sent to us by the nice people at Mighty Leaf Tea. It is very unlike anything I ever drink – tea or otherwise. It is fruity, not strongly caffeinated, with a wide range of dissimilar ingredients. Worst of all it has the word “tropical” in its name and description!

But as it began to steep I was surprised to note that I really liked the scent rolling off the top of my mug. It is most assuredly sweet, but of a fruity/tart sweetness that I liked. The actual taste of the brew is complex, but not muddled by competition for dominance of flavors. The green tea is nearly below the taste threshhold, which results in a more integrated taste for the whole. Without a prominent flavor, the green tea leaves are still perceptible – in that distinctive feeling that greens paint over the tongue and roof of the mouth. The blend contains both pineapple and guava but mercifully tastes like neither of them. The full ingredients are: green tea, banana, strawberry, pineapple, guava, and exotic fruit flavors with red, white and blue cornflowers, pineapple pieces.

In spite of it being so unlike anything I would actively seek out as a beverage, I can tell that for someone who likes mild, sweet tangy summery tastes this tea would be quite enjoyable. It is a tea that would be perfect for a sunny day when you’re stuck inside, longingly gazing up from your cup of tea to the outside world, where you can’t be because you’re stuck at work.

Unrelated to the specifics of this particular tea, Mighty Leaf’s ingredients page is a good source of information.

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