Tovolo Tea Infuser

I came home from a shopping excursion on Saturday afternoon to find an early Easter gift at my front door. It was a Tovolo tea infuser. (I feel so loved to have friends who support my habits.)

tovolo.jpgFirst of all, it’s just absolutely cute! I brought it inside and immediately put it to good use. It’s polycarbonate and stainless steel, so it feels sturdy – and it’s heat-resistant, so no burnt fingers.

I love the little base in which it sits. I’m often annoyed by tea balls because I keep forgetting to bring something to set them on when I’m done, and I hate dirtying more dishes just to drink tea. I’m really a basket girl, so having an infuser that I love is a novelty indeed. It’s certainly functional as well as eye-catching. A very sweet gift.

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