Vacation Posts.

As I’ve said before, I will be gone on vacation from August 24 to September 6, and there is no way for me to make tea updates from Black Rock City.

Thanks to the power of post-dated entries, I plan on writing excerpts from the book I’m currently reading: Tea Life, Tea Mind by Soshitsu Sen XV. It’s a slim, anecdotal novel about growing up as the son (and successor) of the Grand Master of the Urasenke School of Tea, and an exploration of Chado, the Way of Tea.

This book was first published in 1979, and is still available in independent bookstores and through

Author’s note:

I was born in a family whose roots are deep in the tradition and practice of the Way of Tea; my life, like those of my ancestors, has been imbued with its spirit.

I have toured the world for more than a quarter of a century with the goal ‘Peace through sharing a bowl of tea.’ This peace can be spread by offering a bowl of tea to another. the simple act of serving tea and receiving it with gratitude is the basis for the way of life called Chado, the Way of Tea.

I hope you enjoy the excerpts while I am gone.

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