Enjoying Tea in the Summer Sun

summer_teaWhile hot tea can be a great way to warm up on a winter day or even during a summer thunderstorm, illness it isn’t always the first choice for a summer beverage, capsule especially in the hottest months of the year. There are some ways that you can take your love of tea into the summer without sacrificing any of the great taste or health benefits it offers. Here are some tips on embracing summer tea time.

Ice it. Almost everyone is familiar with the deliciousness of iced tea, as it’s a quintessential summer beverage. You don’t have to use the classic black tea, however, as green and white teas can make equally as tasty iced tea. Experiment with tea types to find the perfect blend for your tastes.

Add fruit. Summer is a time when many fruits are at their peak so why not take advantage and use them to flavor your tea? Raspberries, blueberries and even oranges can add a lot to tea and make it feel super summer ready.

Sweeten it. For those with a sweet tooth, summer can be the perfect excuse to sweeten up your tea more than usual. Try out a great southern iced tea recipe for a much sweeter take on the usually bitter taste of tea.

Combine it with other beverages. Tea doesn’t have to go it alone when you’re searching for a great summer beverage. Flavor your tea with lemonade, pomegranate juice or a variety of other juices for a refreshing and healthy twist on regular tea.

Make a punch. Whether you choose to add alcohol or not is up to you, but tea can be a great addition to many summer-friendly punches. Mixed with fruit, juices and sparkling water, tea can bring a lot of life to the party.

Use it to flavor other foods. Like sorbet? Wouldn’t tea sorbet be even better? There are many summery recipes that use tea as a flavoring agent. From duck to cheesecake, there are tons of recipes out there that can let you have your tea and eat it too.

Some tea enthusiasts claim that tea can actually help prevent sunburn and be healthier for you than water. Whether these are true claims or not, there’s no reason to skip out on tea when the temperatures climb.

This post was contributed by Meredith Walker, who writes about the nursing degree. She welcomes your feedback at MeredithWalker1983 at gmail.com.


  1. Also, tea leaves make a great compost…especially during the summer…

    • I put all of my spent tea leaves into the compost bin. It seems to have encouraged some tomato and pepper plants to sprout inside of there!

  2. Also, tea leaves make a great compost…especially during the summer…
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.