Tea Review: Yunnan Gold

The pre-infused, dry smell and look of Adagio Tea’s Yunnan Gold black tea did not provide me with even a hint of how wonderful this tea would be. But as the first pot of it brewed I was surprised by the most lovely caramel-like scent wafting from a few feet away. The taste is even sweeter and more like brown sugar or caramel and the liquor is a nice shade of brown. Like most Chinese black teas it is smooth, full and warm, without the slightest hint of acidity. The mouth-feel is very enjoyable and it leaves a nice lingering aftertaste for some time after the last sip. It is the highest rated black tea on Adagio’s site, a ranking that it clearly deserves.

I bought the smallest amount they offer, the sample size, which is reported to make about 10 cups, but appears likely to yield more than that. Adagio Tea’s sample tins are unassuming little metal boxes, but they have recommended temperature and steeping time on the labels, which is a nice touch. Yunnan Gold

I must also comment on Adagio’s phenomenally quick and affordable shipping. I placed the order for several items on Monday afternoon without expedited shipping charges and received the package today, Wednesday. The company is also very good at providing excellent progress reports on orders.