San Francisco International Tea Festival, 2012

SF Tea Festival cup on wood standOn February 25th, 2012, Roy Fong, Owner and Founder of Imperial Tea Court, will present the first annual tea festival in the Bay Area. With the area’s rich cultural mix and history, it seems surprising that an event of this type has not already surfaced, and the historical Ferry Building will serve as an ideal venue for the event, with its focus on epicurean experiences.

The 1st Annual San Francisco Tea Festival promises to be a wonderful event, with reputable and interesting events, including a Dragon Dance at the opening ceremony, a Gongfu Cha demonstration, and a screening of Scott Chamberlin Hoyt’s film, “The Meaning of Tea.” Exhibitors span a wide range, from individual tea people and authors to internationally recognized tea companies.

San Francisco’s 1st Annual Tea Festival — February 25, 2012
“Brings The Adventure of Premium Teas
Directly From the Plantation To The Cup”

For a little insight into the philosophy behind the festival, here is an excerpt from Roy Fong’s speech at the 2011 Xiamen International Tea Fair’s International Tea Industry Forum, which is available for download on the SF Tea Festival website:

Before I could change the way others thought about tea, I had to fall in love with tea myself. I had this good fortune when I was in my twenties, on a vacation in Hong Kong. At that time I wasn’t in the food and beverage industry, I was driving a tow truck. That is to say, I didn’t enter the tea business from a position of privilege or influence. I wasn’t an insider – and maybe that’s one reason that I was able to see new opportunities in what most people assumed was a mature market. One day during my vacation I happened to be wandering around Sheung Wan when I smelled an incredible aroma that instantly took me back to my childhood – the odor of fresh oolong tea roasting over charcoal. I went into the shop and started chatting with the owner. When I finally left the teashop that day I didn’t immediately realize that my life was changed forever, but I certainly knew that I wanted to learn everything possible about tea.


  1. Wish I could attend! Maybe next year.

  2. I’ll be there! I’m very excited. This is going to be my first official Tea Event. 😀

  3. Ah! Jealous! As well as the World Tea Event with Dan Bolton, this was on my list to go see.